28 May
Domenico Ruberto meets Tomaž Kavčič at Hotel Splendide Royal
Tomaž Kavčič
It takes a pinch of salt… His stroke of genius is just one of the way Tomaž Kavčič will surprise you during each dinner. He revisits and reinterprets the Slovenian tradition thanks to his great gastronomic talent, which express the Chef’s strong and eclectic personality. The art of cooking on a salt plate is his smartest contribution to the gourmand world.

Dvorec Zemono
5271 Vipava
T. +386 (0)5 368 70 07
Hotel Splendide Royal
The opening night of the 12th edition of the festival will be hosted, as usual, by the Splendide Royal Hotel, one the best structures of Lake Lugano. Domenico Ruberto will host with three great Chefs from the Swiss Deluxe Hotels bringing you an evening of gastronomy. Mattias Roock, Dietmar Sawyere and Gregor Zimmermann will give away their great culinary experience to the public of S.Pellegrino Sapori Ticino for an unparalleled start.

Info & Reservation: info@saporiticino.ch
Domenico Ruberto
Hotel Splendide Royal

Riva Antonio Caccia 7
6900 Lugano

T. +41 91 985 77 11
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